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Amanda Raymond

Amanda Raymond

As a Planner Assistant at Bussa Financial Partners, Amanda is responsible for preparing and processing important financial documents for the firm's clients. She has been working in the financial services industry for over 7 years, and she’s excited to continue developing her skills and knowledge in this field.

Prior to working at Bussa Financial Partners, she worked at Quicken Loans, where she gained valuable experience in banking and underwriting. She is motivated by building a better life for not only herself but also her loved ones, and she believes that expanding her horizons and developing her own personal and professional growth is the key to achieving this.

Throughout her time in the mortgage and customer service industries, Amanda has become proficient in problem-solving and has developed a keen eye for detail to ensure client satisfaction. These skills have been invaluable in her current role at Bussa Financial Partners.

When she’s not working, Amanda enjoys spending time with her wife, Andrea, and their two four-legged furry children at their home in Taylor, Michigan. She also loves spending time with her niece, playing poker, traveling, and photography.